Waterjet cutting

The most advanced technology in the industry.

Precision close to none and high quality results on all materials, for unbelievable results!


The precision of a blade

Water jet cutting is a highly precise technique that uses a jet of high pressured water to cut through materials of different size and composition.

This technique was born in the 90s and since then it has grown into one of the most efficient cutting solutions in the industry. The process is quite simple.

With the aid of computer assisted design technology, the machine is able to transfer any design onto any type of material.

Similar to an accelerated version of the process of water erosion, when water is filtered through the tubes into the head of the machine it reaches such high pressure that it develops the power to cut through anything. Just like a very sharp blade.

  • Reasons to prefer water jet cutting:

    • Precision on the surface
    • No heat-induced damage to materials, as it is a non-thermal cutting process
    • Versatility 
    • Eco friendly – No environmental problems, as no smoke, dust, gases or vapours are produced.


Highly detailed and intricate designs are a no brainer for a water jet cutting machine. Etching, engraving, shaping, carving, profiling, this high-end technology allows plenty of creativity. 

Play with shapes and materials and colours to create extra-luxurious effects. It’s possible to combine different coloured stones together, or mix glass and stone, or wood. Add a pattern, a plaque, letters, designs of any kind.

For example, if you wanted to have a black marble surface with white marble engraved letters. This would be easily achieved following two procedures and with the same machine! The first step would be to use the water jet cutter to profile the chosen letters. The second would be engraving those letters in the other surface so that when put together they will fit like a glove. The letters will look as if they had always been there.

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