We provide a complete and bespoke stone restoration service on various types of stone including marble, limestone, granite, travertine, quartz to name a few.


Professional restoration services

Whichever material your floors, countertops, bathroom, kitchens, walls are made of, we can offer you the best stone restoration service and highest quality results.

If a stone has lost its shine, lustre and reflective characteristics, it probably needs a specialist restoration. Each natural stone, such as travertine, marble, terrazzo, call for different restoring techniques and products. That is why it is important to ask for professional advice.

The most common cause of the lack of shine in stone surfaces are minor damages and scratches that have affected its natural crystals.

Any problem you may have noticed on your marble, limestone, granite, travertine surfaces we can address and solve with our experience and professional approach.

A common technique used in these cases is Diamond Abrasive Grinding.

This process uses a particular rotary machine with diamond pads underneath, hence the name. Diamond is well known for its strength and in this case the rotation of fine diamond particles has a polishing effect on the stone surface.

After this stage, when all the scratches and damages are not visible to human eye anymore, the surface is treated with a special product to enhance its shine.

Other restoration techniques are: Stone Sealing and Vitrification.

Natural stone is porous, which means that it will retain any liquid that gets spilled on it, which can leave a stain, depending on the type of liquid. All stone types should be protected in order to protect their natural beauty and prevent damages.

Stone sealing is an essential step whether you are installing or restoring any type of stone, in order to make sure that you are leaving your client with a surface that will keep its appearance for as long as possible, and will be easier to clean and maintain in the future. 

Vitrification instead is a method that uses a chemical reaction between steel wool and a special chemical compound that only works on certain types of stone. Marble, granite, travertine and limestone can be vitrified because they contain calcium carbonate, but for example granite doesn’t so this procedure is not applicable.

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