Cleaning and maintaining the natural shine of your stone surface is not always an easy job.

We know that very well! Each type of stone has its own requirements when it comes to maintenance and cleaning. In order to avoid causing damage to your own stone surfaces or tiles, it’s always better to seek the advice of a professional. 


Our trained team can help you in cleaning and maintaining the floors, walls, countertops of your property using the right products.

You might have noticed how a certain product works wonders on marble but doesn’t on limestone. That depends on the different structural composition of the stone and how this reacts in contact with a particular cleaning solution.

Our maintenance service starts with the evaluation of the area and its level of deterioration. Once this has been established, we proceed with the cleaning, treating one portions of the surface at a time, while making sure to protect all the areas that are not been treated. You can rest assured that we will always use the most suitable cleaning products and machinery, according to the nature of the stone we are working on. After cleaning, we’ll proceed to treat any little damage we encounter, in order to be able to finally restore the original beauty of the stone.


Maintaining stone masterpieces to ensure their beauty lasts through time. 

When we work on a project, we always make sure that every piece of stone is installed to perfection. Stone fixing, in our eyes, is an expression of art. And that is why we are proud of our work and very protective about it. Maintaining a marble floor, a granite kitchen worktop, limestone or slate tiles is a delicate procedure that should always be performed by a specialist. So get in touch with us, and trust our experts, who will treat your stone with care.