‘MARBLE’ WORKERS…that’s who we are!

Professional stonework and tiling services from supply, installation and aftercare.

Our company has developed over the last 15 years and grown in the sector, with hard work and excellent quality of service and products. Since 2003, when we first started, we have learnt all the secrets of the trade and have developed an extensive knowledge of materials of our trade:  Travertine, Granite, Marble, Onyx, Quartzite, Sandstone, and Limestone. You name it, we know it.

Each stone has its own identity, unique characteristics and specific care requirements, details that a good fitter MUST know in this job. Our fitters are highly trained and know their stones inside out.

marble workers


We source the materials from the best quarries in Italy where the art of stone carving is steeped into centuries of history. We breathe life into the projects we work on by bringing beautiful form and effective functionality.


The most luxurious of them all with an incredible range of colours and unique veins. Shiny and hard. Perfect for interiors and outdoors.


Quartz is a very popular stone for kitchens because of its durability and resistance. Its structure is more even than granite and gives any space a very modern look.


Formed by the cooling of magma below earth’s crust, Granite has a very characteristic crystalline structure and comes in many colours. It’s a natural product so each piece is unique, and every slab is different from the other.


One of the most durable and versatile materials for tiling, for its properties and option of colours!


Mostly used for tiling, ceramics is one of the most used materials around the world. Used for interior decorations of kitchens, bathrooms, floors and more. They can be highly detailed and colourful or simple and minimal. 


This type of stone is very porous, which is a peculiar characteristic of its developing process. In fact Limestone is the result of years and years of deposits of calciferous minerals, layering and hardening at the bottom of river and ocean beds.

marble workers stone floor in multicoloured tiles


As experts in the sector, we work only with the best fitter and alongside architects and interior designers to bring to you a wide range of products and solutions for indoors and outdoors. 

Our services can cover everything you might need when looking for a good tiler or fitter. We can supply the materials, thanks to our relationship with the best suppliers in Italy. We can then come and take care of the fitting of these materials on your surfaces, both indoors and outdoors. On top of that we can offer repairs and restoration for any type of stone and tiles you might already have installed. Last but not least, we also offer a service of maintenance to all our clients who want to look after their installations in the best possible way.


Moved by a true passion for stone and tiling,
we strive to do our best to offer to our clients the highest quality of service.

“We have accomplished some of our last few luxury houses with Boss Contractors. Their keen eyes for details is a great compliment to our sophisticated and sleek design. They are truly knowledgeable with a problem solving attitude!”

Pasha Melli, Altin Homes

“We are currently working with Boss Contracts in a very large project in South Manchester and we can definitely say that their work attitude is close to none. Workmanship, skills, punctuality and professionalism is what makes them who they are. We look forward to out continuous collaboration with them!”

Martina Fenu, AWS Projects LTD

“Boss Contracts, provide tiling services for our high value projects all over the UK. Not only is their workmanship second to none ensuring every single detail is finished to exact perfection, the team at Boss are tireless in their efforts to accommodate our clients request and could not be more helpful or efficient. I would recommend their services to anyone looking for a quality end product for any tiling project.”

D. Bland, Sprayed Concrete
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